Diet, Exercise Should Come Before Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a serious concern for about a third of the American population. With this condition strongly tied to increased risks for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a long list of other conditions, addressing it is a must to preserve and protect health. While bariatric surgery to promote weight loss can and does produce tremendous results, the option is strongly urged to be withheld as a last resort in most cases. Although deemed highly safe and effective, weight loss surgery typically does involve a permanent alteration of the body. With that in mind, most healthcare professionals counsel patients to exhaust all reasonable diet and exercise options first.

One diet plan in particular is showing a great deal of promise in helping people who are obese shed pounds. It involves cutting carbohydrate consumption down to size. While once considered one of many fad diets, low-carb eating plans have stood up to the scrutiny dished out by dozens of clinical trials. This diet has been proven to lower weight and blood sugar levels both.

Following a low-carb diet is relatively simple. It calls for cutting down, not entirely eliminating, carbohydrates from the diet. Instead of eating lots of bread, pasta and other carbs, followers of this type of plan incorporate fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and low-fat diary into their meals more readily. Carbs consumed will generally be higher nutrition items like whole grains.

Popular weight loss surgeries like the gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy have long been proven to be highly effective in helping people shed pounds and keep them off. These procedures do call for the alteration of the stomach in a permanent way. Since they are considered major operations, complications and risks do go along with them. Even so, both procedures have been used for a long time and hold a strong track record for safety and success. When diet and exercise do not provide weight loss assistance, these procedures may be the best bet for helping people avoid obesity-related health concerns.

People who are overweight are urged to talk to their healthcare providers to explore all their options. Taking steps to address weight can have a positive impact on overall health.


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