Weight Loss Option May Offer Results Without Surgery

Obesity is a serious concern for an estimated third of the American population. If left unchecked, excess weight can take its toll on the body, opening the door for serious medical complications. Long linked to heart disease, some forms of cancer and diabetes, among other complications, obesity is considered a slow killer by many. While the risk of health complications is high for those who carry an excess of excess weight, that doesn’t mean everyone who is overweight wants to rush into the operating room to undergo a bariatric procedure to help. There are other options that can assist people in shedding pounds. One new procedure, in fact, is showing a great deal of promise.

Known as a bariatric arterial embolization, the non-surgical option developed largely by accident. The procedure is used in emergency situations to control bleeding in the stomach. It works by injecting microscopic beads into one of the arteries that feeds the stomach. While long used for bleeding control, doctors began noticing those who underwent the procedure also lost weight.

Hoping to investigate further, small-scale studies have been performed on translating this procedure for weight loss patients. So far, the results have been quite promising. In a recent study, patients reported an 80 percent decrease in hunger after the procedure. They also experienced weight loss of about 13 percent at the six-month mark.

Although still very much in the investigational phase, this non-surgical option may someday offer an option for those who need to lose weight achieve the goal without having to undergo a costly operation. In the meantime, doctors do have a variety of procedures at their disposal to help patients lose weight and potentially improve their health. To find out more about weight loss options – surgical and nonsurgical – speak with a licensed healthcare provider. The best recommendations will depend on the particulars of a person’s unique case.


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