Balloon Therapy Delivers Weight Loss Help

It is estimated that a third of all Americans are obese. As millions struggle with daily ups and downs on the scale, a new form of weight-loss therapy may offer hope for those who want to avoid the potential of serious health complications obesity may bring with it. While surgical interventions have proven highly successful, this new therapy is reversible and less invasive than many procedures. The latest breakthrough in weight loss involves the use of a small balloon and no incisions or long hospital stays.

The device, called ORBERA, is inserted into the stomach using an endoscope, which means there is no need for open surgery. Once the device is placed, the balloon is inflated. When that’s complete, the balloon effectively reduces stomach holding capacity, much like a gastric bypass or sleeve procedure might do. What makes it different is that balloon procedures are fully reversible; in fact, they’re meant to be.

Patients who undergo balloon procedures can expect them to stay in place for about six months. During this period of time, patients will feel fuller faster, enabling a reduction in caloric intake. Patients also undergo rather intensive lifestyle therapy once balloons are placed to help them develop and maintain healthier lifestyle habits. The hope is that once the balloon is removed, those lifestyle habits will enable maintenance of weight loss over the long haul.

The new balloon procedure is seen as a method to help those who need to lose weight, but are not yet ready to commit to more complex surgeries. What’s more, this option is also considered viable for those who are overweight, but have not hit the morbidly obese point.

People who are overweight are urged to take action to shed pounds. Maintaining a healthy weight can lower risks for developing heart disease, diabetes and a host of other conditions. To learn more about the balloon procedure or other weight-loss options, speak with a qualified healthcare provider.


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