Tips for Avoiding Discomfort After Gallbladder Removal

Gallbladder surgery is designed to relieve chronic, often severe, pain. That, however, doesn’t mean that discomfort doesn’t go along with prospect of having this organ removal. While gallbladder surgery will stop those sharp, incredibly painful flare ups, learning to live without a gallbladder does take a little getting used to. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help.

Keep in mind the gallbladder isn’t an essential organ. It is, however, an important part of the digestive process. That means the body will have some acclimating to do when it is removed. In the process, people may find they suffer from digestive discomforts when consuming foods and drinks.  These tips can keep discomfort to a minimum:

•    Take it easy when adding foods back into the diet – It’s a good idea to avoid solid foods in the first few days after surgery. Liquids, broth and gelatin are often the best bets. This is especially so while the surgical site is especially tender.
•    Eat small – Opting for smaller portion sizes can help greatly in the days following surgery. Low-fat foods are also especially helpful since they don’t necessarily demand the bile that the gallbladder once held to digest.
•    Keep track of foods – It’s a good idea to keep a food journal as foods are reintroduced into the diet. This makes it easier to avoid foods down the road that create particular problems.
•    Take care with high-fiber foods – Adding fiber back into the diet after surgery is important, but do take it easy. It’s best to avoid these at first as they can contribute to gas, which can be especially uncomfortable right after surgery.

Gallbladder surgery is typically an outpatient prospect that delivers strong results. Even so, recovery can take a little time. If any symptoms are especially alarming, be sure to check with a healthcare provider for advice. A little discomfort is normal following surgery, but extreme symptoms are not.


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