Can Bariatric Surgery Change Your Life?

Carrying around an extra 100 or more pounds on a daily basis can take its toll on a person’s life in the present and future. When those pounds come off, however, some people find they feel better, look better and are much less likely to develop serious weight-related medical conditions. With that in mind, many seriously obese people consider the solution that bariatric surgery can provide for them.

While bariatric surgery has proven itself incredibly helpful for assisting those who struggle with excess weight, there are some things patients need to understand. Bariatric surgery is not a magic solution that will guarantee weight lost is kept off forever. It can have dramatic impacts in helping diets become much more successful, but it is up to the patient – not the surgeon – to produce effects that truly change lives.

What Patients Need to Know

Bariatric surgery has been the focus of much study in recent years with most studies finding it can truly prove to be the boost those suffering from obesity need to shed the pounds. That said, however, patients need to understand that:

• Bariatric surgery alone won’t do the trick – In order for patients to experience success, they must follow post-surgical diets and even begin exercise routines.
• Bariatric surgery is often permanent – While it’s not always the case, many types of bariatric surgery involved the permanent alteration of the stomach. Patients who opt to go in that direction will find what is done cannot be undone.
• Support following surgery must continue – Bariatric surgery patients often seek out and receive a great deal of support in the first few months to years after surgery. After about the three-year mark, however, some drop up from obtaining continued support and see their weight climb as a result. The struggle with weight is often a life-long concern, even if surgery is performed.
• The surgery is not the diet – Weight loss surgery is not a diet. It is meant to help make diets more effective.

People who are considering weight loss surgery are urged to speak with a licensed healthcare provider. This option can help the pounds come off, but it’s up to patients to ensure that the results are truly life-changing.


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