Why Men Are Less Likely to Seek Out Weight Loss Surgery Options

Obesity is a common health problem in the United States with an estimated third of all adults suffering from weight that is less than ideal. Those who are overweight may find themselves at risk for a host of complications that range from diabetes and depression to heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer. While the obesity problem is equally distributed among men and women, researchers are finding that men are far less likely to seek out surgical alternatives to help them address weight.

While most bariatric surgeons will tell patients it’s best to exhaust all other options for weight loss – especially healthy eating and exercise – before rolling into an operating suite, the fact of the matter is sometimes surgery is the best option. That goes equally for men and women who are obese or morbidly obese.

Despite the potential long-term health benefits of weight loss surgery, researchers have found that about 80 percent of bariatric surgeries performed in the United States involve women. That means men only make up 20 percent of the demographic. The disparity is something that concerns healthcare professionals who worry about the long-term health implications.

To better understand the disparity, researchers have delved into the topic. They have found that these reasons may impact a man’s decision to undergo surgery to help reduce weight:
•    Cultural factors
•    Lack of insurance coverage
•    Surgery eligibility
•    Age
•    Perception of body image

A 2014 study from Kansas State University also offers some insights. That study found that 72.8 to 94 percent of obese men were satisfied with their overall health as compared to only 56.7 to 85 percent of overweight and obese women.

Whatever the reasons for the disparity, medical professionals urge both men and women who are overweight to take measures to correct their situations. Chronic obesity can lead to a variety of health complications, including those that cause morbidity. To learn more about bariatric surgery and the benefits it can deliver, speak with a healthcare provider.


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