Ups and Downs of Lap Band Surgery

People who have reached the end of their dieting rope may find themselves turning to bariatric surgery for the weight loss results they seek. Lap band procedures are among the most popular for many good reasons, but this type of surgery isn’t without its potential ups and downs.

Patients seeking surgical options for weight loss will find the lap band procedure is the least aggressive option available to them. Rather than physically remove a portion of the anatomy, as is the case in a gastric sleeve or bypass operation, the band involves the placement of a restricting device. This device limits comfortable food consumption without technically being a permanent fixture in the body.

Here are some of the potential pros and cons of choosing lap band procedures:

• The procedure is reversible and adjustable. The band can be adjusted, if required, or removed entirely. This is especially important for women who intend to become pregnant at some point and may need extra stomach capacity, but it’s a perk for all who choose this route.
• The weight loss benefits are marked for those battling obesity. The band itself restricts the size of the stomach and provides less room for food storage. In addition, people generally experience decreased feelings of hunger.

• No matter how it’s looked at, the lap band is a foreign object that is being introduced into the body. It can slip and may erode over time. Slippage can lead to vomiting, nausea and other side effects and may require surgical removal of the band and/or replacement.
• The procedure is surgical in nature. That means, as with all surgeries, there are risks involved.

People who are ready to look into weight loss surgery will find the lap band is a highly popular option. As with all surgical procedures, however, it isn’t without its share of risks and rewards. Be sure to consult with a licensed bariatric surgeon to explore all available weight loss options.


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