Gastric Surgery Deemed Safe for Diabetics

Diabetics who struggle with obesity are generally keenly aware of how dangerous extra weight can be over the long-haul. Already at higher risk for a host of medical complications, additional pounds can maximize the potential for problems to arise.

While losing weight is considered vital for diabetics deemed obese, shedding the pounds is often easier said than done. Diabetics, however, have found, like many others, that bariatric surgery can deliver the results diet and exercise alone often cannot. Concerns, however, about the safety of bariatric surgery for diabetics have lingered.

Researchers have found, however, that laparoscopic gastric bypass procedures for those with type 2 diabetes are no more hazardous than other common procedures, such as a hysterectomy or total need replacement.

Investigators from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio dove into the American College of Surgeons’ National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database for their research. The ACS collects data on a number of variables, including 30-day postoperative morbidity and mortality incomes for people who undergo major surgeries within the United States. To reach their conclusions, Cleveland Clinic investigators collected all data related to diabetics undergoing bypasses between January 2007 and December 2012. They also looked at other surgical procedures, such as coronary artery bypass grafts, knee replacements and appendectomies, as related to diabetics.

All told, 66,678 people were included in the study. Of those, 16,509 underwent gastric bypass procedures. For those who had gastric bypasses, the complication rate was 3.43 percent and the morality rate was 0.30 percent. Ultimately, researchers found gastric bypass procedures to be of comparable risk to other laparoscopic procedures and found significantly better short-term outcomes when compared with coronary artery bypass grafts.

Diabetics interested in learning more about bariatric surgery should consult directly with a licensed physician. The best weight loss option will depend on each person’s unique case.


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