Turning Down Food at a Party with Politeness and No Regret

Losing weight and keeping that weight off is a commitment that we make to ourselves every day. It’s something that we need to navigate through the terrain of our everyday life. We’ve put together an eating plan, we’ve committed to regular exercise, we’ve figured out how to order at our favorite restaurants in a way that still allows us to maintain our commitment to staying healthy, and we’ve worked out our daily routine to make sure that our health is always front and center in our mind. But then the party invitation comes and our resolve is shaken.

Whether it’s a small dinner party or a larger gathering, parties can present their own unique challenges. It’s not just trying to figure out what we can eat amidst a variety of questionable food choices. When it comes to food, people can take it very personally and it may seem difficult to turn down food that is offered because we’re worried about hurting someone’s feelings.

Being invited to a party should be a happy thing – a time to spend with family and/or friends without the stress of food choices resting on your shoulders. Here are some tips for approaching a party comfortably:

*    Talk to your host ahead of time. If you are close enough to the person hosting the party and feel like refusing certain foods may be taken the wrong way then be proactive and have a conversation before the party. Explain that you’re on a particular food plan and that while no special foods need to be made for you it’s important that you are given the respect and space to choose what you want to eat and not eat.

*    Eat beforehand. Going into a party hungry when you don’t know what food choices are going to be available, can be risky. Alleviate some of the risk by eating a little something healthy beforehand so that you don’t have to go into a party feeling desperate to eat no matter what the choice.

*    Accept food but eat only a bite or two. If you feel that turning down food completely will put you in an awkward position, then just accept what is being offered and eat only a few bites – enough to enjoy the taste and feel satisfied without feeling full.


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