Maintaining Weight Loss – Your Health Comes First

We are a society on the go nearly all the time – so many places to go and so much to accomplish and we are accustomed to putting our head down and hitting the gas pedal no matter what else may be happening around us. Unfortunately, it is this exact type of thinking that may have put us in the position of facing our own health concerns. Those who are overweight may struggle with their weight because of the amount of food that they consume or the types of food that they consume but in the end it really comes down to a failure to make themselves a priority. To focus on yourself and make yourself a priority may seem like a selfish thing to do. But in reality it’s the most loving thing you can do – for yourself.

If you’re looking to make a change or if you’ve already begun the process of getting healthy and want to make a commitment to maintaining this commitment, then it’s time to slow down and put first things first. It’s time to make your health the priority in your life before anything else. And that takes a big and loving commitment on your part. Here’s what you can do to put yourself first:

Start saying no. You don’t have to be everywhere at all times. When you are rushing around and trying to do too much you put yourself in a situation where overeating or making poor choices can happen very easily. Decide what is important enough for your participation and say no to the rest.

Plan your meals. Taking a few minutes each week to plan out your meals puts you solidly in charge of what you’re putting in your body and takes the guesswork out of your next meal. Put a meal plan together, do your shopping, and begin each week fresh with a commitment to being healthy and successful.

Take time every day for yourself. It can be difficult to slow down and take a breath but it’s important for shifting the focus back onto your own health. Take a few minutes every day to do something for you – whether it’s meditating, taking a yoga class, meeting a friend for coffee, or something else that makes you happy.

By taking it one step at a time and making slow and thoughtful decisions with your health front of mind, you can and will change your life and your future.


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