After Weight Loss Surgery: Developing a New Body Image for a New Body

Weight loss surgery offers the hope of a new life for those who have struggled with their weight for years. It provides the tools to finally lose the weight for good and, if they are committed to a new life of healthy eating and exercise, those who undergo the surgery will find that it provides a doorway to a completely new way of living. Part of that new life is learning to see your body differently because for someone who has spent a good part of their life being overweight, it can be challenging to make the transition to someone who is considered thin.

Body image is a big topic for people who lose a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time. They have become accustomed to the heavier version of themselves that they have seen in the mirror every day and – in many, many cases – that is a version that they have grown to dislike. Struggling with weight can bring up feelings of insecurity, guilt, anger, and self-loathing. But even as the pounds continue to come off, it can be difficult to shed that old body image as fast as you shed the pounds.

With weight loss surgery comes the inevitable need to address the issues that contributed to your obesity. It’s not enough to just have the surgery because if you don’t commit to making lifestyle changes, the weight will simply not come off and if it does it won’t stay gone for long. Part of becoming a new, healthier person is learning to love yourself and your body – to see someone in the mirror who is worthy of being cared for appropriately and to go about adopting those lifestyle choices that will allow you to provide yourself with that care.

Body image is something that – along with eating and physical activity – absolutely must be addressed as a part of a whole new healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important that – in conjunction with the surgery itself – you seek out the help of a psychologist or counselor who specializes in obesity and weight loss. With the proper professional guidance, you can begin to look at yourself in a whole new way and make the changes that will serve your new, healthy life.


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