Financing Weight Loss Surgery

Many individuals actually have a difficult time losing weight. The strict exercise regime and specific diet plans just don’t seem to work for them. Obesity can become life-threatening since it can lead to other conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and restricted function since movement becomes difficult.

The introduction of weight-loss surgery has become a great advantage for individuals struggling with obesity, where exercise and diet has not worked. It may, however be expensive if your health insurance does not cover the procedure.

The price depends on the specific procedure of weight loss surgery performed. The hospital and doctor you choose for the surgery may also factor in the price you will be charged.

There are options for bariatric surgery patients. Those that have health insurance may have most of the costs covered, but that will depend on the policy and the doctor performing the surgery being approved by your insurance provider. Consult with these two parties to find out just how much, if at all, your insurance will cover. In many cases, the doctor will work directly with your insurance provider to get you the best possible coverage for your surgery.

If you are considering bariatric surgery, but have concerns about the cost, there are patient care advocates available to help you through the process, whether you use insurance or choose to pay for the surgery yourself. Nicholson Clinic wants to help every patient get the weight loss surgery they need, without exceptions. To accomplish this, they also offer flexible payment options with low monthly payments.


Does Weight-loss Surgery Lead to Better Health?

Obesity troubles many individuals and causes many other health problems, as well. Losing weight may prove to be a difficult task and conventional methods may take too long or not work at all. Weight-loss surgery has been around for many years and has been perfected over time offering great results to every patient.

With weight-loss surgery, immediate effects are seen after the procedure is completed. Weight continues to gradually reduce for a year or two until it finally stabilizes.

Lipids, blood sugar and blood pressure are usually at high levels in an obese person and they have an adverse effect on the individual’s health. High blood sugar sets the stage for diabetes and others may have an increased risk of heart disease. These conditions affect the long term health of an individual. A reduction in weight will have a positive effect on a person’s health, reducing these complications.

Weight loss surgery has an effect on health in general and not just on body size. Those that suffer from obesity and have not been able to lose weight using conventional practices now have an alternative to achieve their weight loss goals through bariatric surgery procedures.

The decision to undergo weight loss surgery is not one to make lightly. At the Nicholson Clinic, we are with you every step of the way, from the time you first inquire about weight loss surgery through your recovery. Click here to learn more before choosing to have weight loss surgery.